Digital Photography, Hanoi

Black Dogs and Burning Bicycles

Round up of the photos I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. I seem to have gotten very lazy with photography recently, which I fully intend to rectify soon.

All photos taken in Hanoi; I’m hoping to do some road trips soon so I have some new places to shoot. I’d also like to start concentrating more on creating black and white images, taking photos of people and experimenting  more with the style of my photos.

Abandoned chairIMG_3326 Russian domes b&wSign skycoffee tay hoIMG_3393IMG_2745 IMG_5224IMG_2806Green boys footballIMG_2595


Inspiration # 3, Olivia Bee

 I am so jealous of this girl’s photographs! Not only was she commissioned by Converse at age 14 to create an ad campaign for them, she has since gone on to work for Hermés, Fiat, Nike  Vice magazine and the New York Times.

 Now 19, she is currently working as a professional photographer in New York. Olivia started out by taking photos of her teenage friends and states Nan Goldin and Annie Leibovitz as influences. She says she uses photography as a way of recording her youth and describes photography as a personal experience.

” I make my photographs for me, it’s my diary, truly, and I want these images to document everything that is happening now, because these are memories that I know I don’t want to lose”.


I wish I could find out more about her photography methods and whether she is solely a film photographer.The light effects she creates in her photos are incredible and I am generally just a big fan of their grainy, poetic aesthetic.

I also appreciate this quote about her own photography

“I strive to capture the ordinary, in an extraordinary way. Life is beautiful, perfect, and cinematic, if you look at the right moments. It’s not always an accurate summary of life in general, but it is those specific moments that make it worth living anyway.”


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