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Rainbow Coloured

I took most of these out the back of my friend’s house. It amazes me that you can drive out of one of the most central areas of Hanoi for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden it feels like you’re in the middle of the country side. I’ve spent the last couple of days taking photos out there and I keep discovering new and amazing things like the umbrella garden. This city will never fail to surprise me.

IMG_2469Pink hole in the wallGreen BuddahIMG_2674Pink dalmationIMG_2463Pink powerlineIMG_2722IMG_2685IMG_2760Pink gatewayGreen cconstruction

All of these were taken with different sheer fabric placed over the lens. Love how it kinda looks like I used expired film and I’m definitely keen to experiment with this more. I found the photos were more successful with sheer cotton than polyester and that if you put your camera on a  high F stop, you won’t see the weave of the fabric in the photos. Changing the white balance also affects the final colour of the photo almost as much as the colour of the fabric used.

Happy experimenting!


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