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A List of Fun Things to do with Cameras

I’ve been reading a lot of photography blogs recently, and as a result there are now a lot of things I want to try out, both with my current camera and by experimenting with disposable cameras. Thought I’d jot down a list before I forgot what they all were. Yes, I realise that a more normal person would just go find a piece of paper, but I’m living out of a backpack and can’t find anything at the moment!! I was also hoping this would serve as general inspiration for anyone reading this. Feel free to leave extra ideas in the comments!

The disposable cameras are going to need to wait until I get paid next month unfortunately…I do however have a sneaking suspicion that they may be something that’s hard to find in Vietnam? Also I’ve heard that getting film developed here is a bit of a nightmare. None the less I intend to persevere.


. Shooting through fabric. Was thinking of heading to the fabric market and stocking up on lots of  pieces of semi sheer fabric and then placing them over my lens. This is how I shot my featured image. I find they look the most successful if you put them on high contrast when photo editing.

. Thin coloured paper. Same idea as above.  It would also be fun to cut patterns out of the paper before putting it in front of the lens.

. Cellophane, to go both in front of the lens and the flash.

.Colour in sellotape with felt tips and then stick strips of it over the lens.

. Clear plastic transparencies to go in front of my lens, which I will colour in with felt tips, scratch up, write shit all over and so forth.

.This bokeh tutorial. Although, I was thinking of doing stars instead of hearts.

heart_bulbsPhoto taken from Globetrotter Diaries.


.At some point I would love to get my hands on a Diana F + lomography camera. I don’t like my chances of getting my hands on one here in Vietnam, so this is something that may need to wait until I need to do a visa run to Bangkok.

a0dc911159bac5c31606851b3f8287093cc352I love how gloriously retro it looks as well. Image taken from

. I want to try shooting double exposures by using the same roll of film twice through 2 different disposables. I realise the results of this are going to be somewhat unpredictable, so was thinking of making small sketches of what I’ve shot ( or what I think I’ve shot) from the first time I put it through the camera.

3589913172_03ec07b1d2Image found here.

.Light leaks. Apparently achievable by bashing holes into the side of a disposable camera with a screwdriver. Sounds like fun.

tumblr_luba9vQ30d1ql2322o1_500Found here.

. Ditto fucking up the lens with a hot screwdriver or fork. Things you could just never do with a camera you were going to have for longer than a roll’s worth of photos.

tumblr_lqjdlvlgjp1qha6sgImage from BluebloodRed, found via Warm Blooded

I may add to this later, but this is all I can think of for now. Realistically it’s gonna take me months to try all of these ideas out. Hopefully the examples of which should start popping up on this blog soon!


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